On July 17-22, 2023, a second biblical studies week was conducted, another step in preparation for a 2025 pilgrimage to Jerusalem, the Holy City. The study week took place at the Madonnina del Lago Franciscan Oasis in Pergusa, (Sicily) Italy.

The biblical studies week is part of a course developed by the formation commission of the Province of St. Agatha and St. Lucy in Italy (Sicily). It is offered once each year for three years and is designed to provide adequate preparation for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
This year’s study week started off with the biblical scholar, Professor Rosanna VIRGILI. She focused attention on scriptural passages concerning Jerusalem but also made appropriate references to current events regarding the city.
The 2022 study week examined the city of Jerusalem in the Old Testament, especially through the prophetic texts. The 2023 study week studied the New Testament, the Gospel accounts of the infancy of Jesus according to the Evangelist Luke, the passages of the Passion, texts from the Evangelist John, passages from the Acts of the Apostles and some of the letters of St. Paul and, finally, the Book of Revelation.
During the study week, the participants took part in choral prayer and enjoyed sharing the Word in fraternity. They are already looking forward to making the pilgrimage to Jerusalem together.
Heartfelt thanks to Professor VIRGILI and to all those who participated in the biblical studies week. The final study week is scheduled for July 15-20, 2024.

Friar Rosario TERRANOVA, Provincial Secretary