On April 22-26, 2018, the Province of St. Joseph in Slovenia celebrated the first part of its Ordinary Provincial Chapter at the friary of Saints Peter and Paul in Ptuj, Slovenia.

The Chapter was presided over by the Vicar General, Friar Jerzy NOREL. Friar Miljenko HONTIĆ, the Assistant General for the Centralis Europae Foederatio (CEF) was also present. Twenty-five Capitulars participated, led by the outgoing Minister Provincial, Friar Milan KOS.
The first day was dedicated to listening to thirteen reports covering the life and activities of the Province. At the end of the first day’s work, the friars made an evening visit to our former friary in Maribor, which has now been transformed into a theater.
The second day was dedicated to working in groups. The day concluded with a pleasant concert by the teachers of the music school in the Ptuj friary.
On the third day all the friars of the Province were convened for the election of the new Provincial. Forty-four friars attended; two others were absent due to illness. Friar Igor SALMIČ was elected to his first term as Minister Provincial. Friar Igor was born in Ljubljana on August 3, 1979. He professed his temporary vows on September 9, 2001, his solemn vows on September 24, 2005, and was ordained a priest on June 29, 2007. The day ended with all of the Capitulars making a pilgrimage to the Marian shrine in Ptujska Gora.
On the last day, the members of the Definitory were chosen. They are: Friar Slavko STERMŠEK Vicar; Friar Danilo HOLC Secretary; and Friars Cristian BALINT and Toni BRINJOVC, Definitors. The Econom and the Exactor will be chosen during the second part of the Chapter.
The Chapter concluded with a solemn lunch attended by the Most Reverend Alojzij CVIKL, Archbishop of Maribor, Slovenia and the Provincial Definitory of the Province of St. Jerome of Croatia along with their Minister Provincial, Friar Josip BLAŽEVIĆ.
The second part of the Chapter is scheduled to start on June 18, 2018.

Friar Miljenko HONTIĆ Assistant General for the CEF