On January 17, 2022, the Province of St. Joseph in Slovenia celebrated a Spiritual Chapter at the Friary of Saints Peter and Paul the Apostles in Ptuj, Slovenia. The event functioned as a sort of prelude to the Pre-Chapter Assembly conducted the following day and also served as direct preparation for the 16th Ordinary Chapter of the Province, scheduled to start on February 7, 2022.

The main guest and principal animator of the Spiritual Chapter was the Most Reverend François BUSTILLO, OFM Conv., Bishop of Ajaccio, Corsica. In the morning he gave a reflection on three essential questions: What is the future of the Franciscan friars? Do we focus on survival or renewal? What does the present and the future hold for the friars of Slovenia?
In the afternoon, Bishop BUSTILLO moved on to more practical questions: How do we move from analysis to synthesis? How do we live a Franciscan life that is joyful and gives real meaning to our lives? The friars reflected on the foundation of our spirituality, the responsibilities of leadership, the meaning of the Conventual House Chapter, the Conventual life and living life to the full, which is the most attractive aspect to new vocations. The friars formed four small discussion groups and shared their reflections on these challenges.
The friars spent the day together as brothers and concluded the Chapter with Mass celebrated together with the other faithful of the Parish Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Ptuj.
Some thirty friars of the Province gathered for this spiritual Chapter. For them, the day was a refreshing experience at the “well of living water,” which alone can refresh and satisfy the yearning of the human heart.

Friar Danilo HOLC, Provincial Secretary