On January 30-31, 2023, the Guardians and Definitors of the Province of St. Joseph in Slovenia met together at the Bl. Anton M. Slomšek Friary in Olimje, Slovenia.

The meeting began with a period of continuing formation for the Guardians. Friar Igor SALMIČ, the Assistant General for the Centralis Europae Foederatio (CEF) presented a summary of the work done at the Midway Meeting between the General Definitory and the Ministers Provincial, Custodes and Delegates, held at the midpoint of the 2019-25 six-year term, January 16-21, 2023, at the Seraphicum College in Rome. The summary touched on the topics of prayer, fraternal life, transmission of the charism, community discernment and mission.
A fraternal discussion ensued, highlighting the friars’ shared desire to be aware of all these issues and to do their best, as Guardians and as members of the Provincial government, to ensure that this commitment becomes a reality in the Province and in the friaries.
The Guardians then presented their reports on their own friaries. They answered two basic questions: What are some of the reasons why some friars have left the Province and departed religious life? Why are there no new vocations in our Province? After the reports, and a discussion, the friars arrived at an encouraging conclusion: “We need to foster zeal for the religious life, in each friar and each community. Moreover, as a fraternity, we need to be close to the common people.”
The next day a meeting of the House Economs was held. They presented an overall report of the past year. The Provincial Econom did the same.
As a final item, the Province’s program for the coming year was presented and approved. The main event will be a Spiritual Chapter, which will be dedicated to the care of new vocations.

Friar Milan KOS, Minister Provincial