We are slowly approaching the first anniversary of the official opening of the Wanda Health Center Hospital at our Conventual Franciscan mission in Matugga, Uganda. The hospital is already recognized by the local community as a facility that offers high-quality medical services.

Shortly after its construction, it was clear we needed more than an empty building in order to serve the local community. During the first months of operation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Poland helped us purchase medical equipment through the Innovaid Foundation. Our friars in Schwarzenberg, Germany, helped us secure payments for new employees, for which we are very grateful. The friars in Schwarzenberg have been actively involved from the beginning, not only in the construction of the medical center but also in its effective functioning.
In the near future, with help from our partners at the Innovaid Foundation and the Province of Germany, we plan to provide the hospital with more needed medical equipment and spaces, such as X-ray machines, a dental room, an operating theater and additional auxiliary rooms for the staff. The Center recently received a new ambulance, a Toyota Land Cruiser. The vehicle is already being used to transport patients.
As the pandemic continues, despite the enormous difficulties in operating and managing the Center, we have undertaken further investments to prepare for a possible surge of COVID-19 cases in Uganda. Thanks to the efforts of the Innovaid Foundation, we will soon be opening an intensive care unit in the hospital. We are also preparing a comprehensive informational and educational campaign on how to protect one’s health during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, the construction of a staff house for employees is underway, made possible by support from Caritas Antonina [a charitable institution]. Thanks to our benefactors in Germany and Poland, the medical center will soon become one of the best equipped and well-functioning hospitals in the Wakiso District of Uganda. We are very grateful for their commitment and involvement in this wonderful work of helping the poorest in Uganda.
May God reward all of you for your openness to our brothers and sisters in need in Africa.

The friars of the Delegation in Uganda