New Postulants
On May 21, 2022, during the celebration of Mass for the Sixth Sunday of Easter, the Custos of the Provincial Custody of St. Francis Anthony Fasani in Vietnam, Friar Joseph TRẦN (Văn Long), gave the Tau Cross to ten new postulants and conferred the ministries of Lector and Acolyte upon three friars. The events took place at the Annunciation of the B.V.M. Friary in Củ Chi, Hồ Chí Minh City, Vietnam. Twenty student friars from the St. Anthony Friary in Hồ Chí Minh City, also attended the celebration.
The postulancy program in the Custody lasts for two years. There are ten new postulants in their first year and nine in their second year.

New Lectors and Acolytes
On the same day, the following solemnly professed friars received the ministries of the Lector and Acolyte: Friar Dominic NGUYỄN (Văn Tiến), Friar Joseph LÊ (Văn Vượng), and Friar Paul TRƯƠNG (Văn Mỹ). Friar Dominic NGUYỄN has completed the Theology Program at the Dominican Institute Seminary. He is not pursuing priestly ordination. Friars Joseph LÊ and Paul TRƯƠNG are in their last year of Theology studies at the Franciscan Seminary and Dominican Seminary and are preparing for ordination to the diaconate.
The friars of the Custody of St. Francis Anthony Fasani in Vietnam joyfully gave thanks to God during the celebration. The same day, the postulants played a game of soccer as fraternal way of welcoming the newcomers. The game was made more exciting with the participation of the Custos, Friar Joseph TRẦN (Văn Long); the Postulancy Program Director, John Baptist NGUYỄN (Ngọc Điền); and the Custodial Secretary, Friar Joseph NGUYỄN (Chính Luận)

Friar Joseph NGUYỄN (Chính Luận), Custodial Secretary