From October 17-21, 2022, the friars of the leadership of the Conventual Franciscan Federation (CFF) met in assembly at the Santa Maria del Mar Retreat House in Santa Cruz, California, USA. The friars came from the four Provinces and one Delegation of the United States; the Custody and Delegation of Canada; the Custody of Great Britain-Ireland; and the Delegation of Australia.

Friar Michael HEINE, the Minister Provincial of the Province of Our Lady of the Angels in the USA (OLA) was elected the new President of the Federation and Friar Paul LANGEVIN, the Minister Provincial of the Province of St. Bonaventure in the USA (SB) was elected the new Vice-President.
During the week, they used the Zoom platform to meet online with the International Delegate General for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (GPIC) Friar Michael LASKY, the Spiritual Assistant for the Militia of the Immaculata (M.I.) in the United States, Friar Thomas CZECK, and the Spiritual Assistant for the Secular Franciscan Order (OFS) in the United States, Friar Christopher SHARROCK.
The CFF named the various liaisons to the Commissions for Initial Formation, Continuing Formation, Vocation Promotion, GPIC, the OFS and the M.I. They also chose the annual visitators for the five formation houses of the Federation (Chicago, USA; Arroyo Grande, California, USA; San Antonio, Texas, USA; Silver Spring, Maryland, USA; and Oxford, Great Britain.
On Wednesday, October 19, they met with the directors of formation for the four Federation houses of formation in the United States. On Friday, October 21, they met with the Vicar General, Friar Jan MACIEJOWSKI, to talk about developments in initial and continuing formation in the Order.
The next CFF Assembly will be held in April of 2023.

Friar Jude WINKLER, Assistant General for the CFF Federation