On June 3-8, 2018, Friar Benedict BAEK, the Assistant General for the Federation of Asian Minors Conventual (FAMC), visited the Provincial Curia of the Province of the Immaculate Conception of the B.V.M. in Tokyo, Japan.

The Curia is joined with the post-novitiate formation house. These two communities are under the same roof, so they share community prayer, Mass and meals together.
There are six friars in the Provincial Curia, including the Minister Provincial, Friar Seraphin TAKEUCHI. The guardian of the Provincial Curia community is Friar Luca TANIZAKI. He also serves as Provincial Vicar and Provincial Secretary.
The formation house has six friars as well. They are, Rector and Guardian Friar Francesco TAIRA; the Assistant Rector, Friar Nicola MATSUO; and four temporarily-professed clerical students. The clerical students study philosophy and theology at Sophia University, which is run by the Jesuits.

Friar Benedict BAEK, Assistant General for the FAMC 
(Federation of Asian Minor Conventuals)