On May 14, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. (Rome time), youth representatives of the Militia of the Immaculata (M.I.), and friar Assistants of the M.I., all from various countries, met online, using the Zoom Internet platform, to talk about the status of their respective countries and to plan for the M.I. Youth meeting at the World Youth Day in Lisbon in 2023.

Among those present at the meeting were, from Africa, Friar Marek HRYNIEWICKI (Burkina Faso), Father Noel Dominique Akobé KOUAO, Nicola KOSSE and Elisabeth YOBOUE (Ivory Coast). From Asia, there was Pacuan PEACHES (the Philippines) and Friar Bonaventura GULTOM (Indonesia). From the Americas, there was Michelle ORDONO, Washington D.C. (United States), Friars Noè GASPARIANO PRIETO and Patricio HERNÁNDEZ HERNÁNDEZ (Mexico), Friar David TABARES VÉLEZ (Colombia), Daniela CHACÓN (Bolivia), and Friar Gilson Miguel NUNES, the General Delegate for the Assistance of the M.I. (Brazil). From Europe, there was Miquel Bordas PRÓSZYNSKI, the International President of the M.I. (Spain).
After briefly discussing the activities of each country, an International Meeting of the Youth of the Militia of the Immaculata was proposed, during the days preceding the World Youth Day in Lisbon, in 2023. Two proposals were made for the meeting place: either Casa Kolbe in Rome or Lisbon, Portugal. They decided to hold the meeting in Lisbon, on July 29-31, 2023.
It was also decided that each country would have to promote events to raise funds to pay for airfare, in possible collaboration with the different Conventual Franciscan Jurisdictions. The M.I. International Center will promote and encourage the “adoption” of one or more young people, through the M.I. National Centers, in order to help with the travel expenses of the young people.
During the online meeting, the participants set a goal to have at least two young people representing each country, and if possible, have youth from all five continents, considering some criteria for their selection. The International President, Miquel Bordas PRÓSZYNSKI, will look for retreat houses in Lisbon to host the International Meeting of the Youth of the M.I. for World Youth Day 2023. The online meeting concluded with the blessing of the General Delegate for the Assistance of the M.I., Friar Gilson Miguel NUNES.

Friar Gilson Miguel NUNES, General Delegate for the Assistance of the M.I.