On November 13, 2019, the Province of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Conventual Franciscan presence in Tlacoachistlahuaca, an indigenous area of the State of Guerrero, Mexico.

On November 11, 2019, the members of the Provincial Definitory visited the Friary-Parish of La Purísima Concepción in Tlacoachistlahuaca, after having visited the Friary of San Felipe de Jesús in Acapulco. On November 12, they held a Definitory meeting to address various issues, such as, the joint Definitory meeting held in Texas, USA, between the Province of Mexico and the Province of Our Lady of Consolation in the USA (OLC), the revision of the Provincial Statutes in the light of the new Constitutions and General Statutes, the friary in Acapulco, the revision of the various Provincial Commissions and other projects. The meeting ended with the celebration of Mass at 5:00 p.m., presided over by the Vicar Provincial, Friar Cornelio Cándido MORÁN RÍOS.
Then, the local parishioners organized a socio-cultural program to commemorate and celebrate the arrival of the first friars in this place. The friars were from the Province of St. Bonaventure in the USA (Chicago). Young men and women, as well as children, performed traditional dances and songs. One particularly significant moment was when they sang some contemporary songs that had been translated into their indigenous “amuzgo” language, thereby promoting the language and encouraging its use. Another equally special and moving moment was when the parishioners told the story of the first friars. They mentioned each friar by name and presented the cross that the friars venerated when they first arrived.
On November 13, additional friars arrived from the communities of Xochistlahuaca, Acapulco, Valle de Aragón, Bosques de Morelos, Xola and Totolapan. They celebrated Mass together, presided over by the Minister Provincial, Friar Mario CASTRO MARTÍNEZ. During the Mass, they thanked God for these last forty years of presence and asked him to bless the friars who today continue the presence of the Conventual Franciscans with enthusiasm, hard work and commitment. In his homily, Friar Abrahám BENJAMÍN CRISÓSTOMO invited the friars to always recognize the presence of God in each confrere who has been part of this friary, and each member of the parish community.

Friar Fausto de Jesús RAMÍREZ ROSARIO, Provincial Secretary