Per their statutes, the Franciscans International Board of Directors (IBD) hold two in-person meetings annually, one in Geneva and the other in New York. The last in-person meeting of the IBD was held in New York in November of 2019. Since the outbreak of Covid, the IBD has held all its meetings, including its regular pre-Covid bimonthly online meetings, using the Zoom Internet platform. On April 21- 24, 2022, the IBD held its first post-Covid in-person meeting in Geneva.

The April in-person meeting in Geneva brought some changes to the IBD. According to the Charter of Franciscans International, a member of the Board of Directors is appointed for a three-year term, renewable once. Three people finished their two terms on the Board and were replaced. Friar Joseph ROZANSKY, the OFM’s representative on the Board was replaced by Friar Michael PERRY. Ruth MARKUS who represented the Order of Secular Franciscans (OFS) was represented by Carolyn TOWNES. Sister Carla CASSIDEI represented the International Congregations of Franciscans of the Third Order Regular (IFC-TOR) and she was replaced by Sister Charity KATONGO, (FMSA).
The changes also affected some of the roles and responsibilities on the Board of Directors. Friar Joseph ROZANSKY and Sister Carla CASADEI exited as President and Treasurer respectively. Consequently, Friar Michael PERRY was elected the new President; Sister Charity KATONGO, Vice President; and Friar James DONEGAN, Treasurer. The current Franciscans International Board of Directors is composed of:
President: Friar Michael PERRY, OFM
Vice President: Sister Charity KATONGO, SFMA
Secretary: Friar Joseph Kwame BLAY, OFM Conv.
Treasurer: Friar James DONEGAN, OFM Cap.
Member: Friar Eduardo JAZO, TOR
Member: Carolyn TOWNES, OFS
Member: Blair MATHESON, TSSF
FI Executive Director & Ex-officio: Markus HEINZE, OFM

Friar Joseph Kwame BLAY