On May 1, 2023, an ecological fraternity day was held in Pergusa, (Sicily) Italy. It was organized by the young Laudato Si’ leaders of the Franciscan Youth Movement of Sicily.

The event took place at the Madonnina del Lago Franciscan Oasis in Peruse. The day began with a brief moment of prayer in which Psalm 104 was recited, accompanied by song.
Next, the participants divided into small teams and took part in various outdoor activities, including planting trees on part of the property of the retreat center that had been devastated by a fire in August of 2021. The teams also cleaned up some of the neighboring areas polluted by years of accumulated litter. Another reason for the clean-up was to help prevent landslides and rock falls.
One particular team prepared a barbecued lunch for all the rest of the teams. At lunchtime, everyone gathered for a cheerful meal together.
The afternoon was spent in celebration and fraternity and the day concluded with Mass. Those attending the event included young people from the movement and non-members, people from various local groups and families.
The day was a valuable and joyful time for sharing in the care of creation, doing simple tasks that might somehow make a difference.
The young people enjoyed some ice cream together before they departed. They would like to organize more events like this in the future, and perhaps invite some more new friends to participate.

Giulia BARBERA, Laudato Si’ Leader – Franciscan Youth Movement of Sicily