On August 05, 2021, in the “Polonia” Park in Lima, the commemoration of our Missionary Martyrs Friar Michał TOMASZEK and Friar Zbigniew STRZAŁKOWSKI was held. They now take their place among other eminent Poles who have contributed to Peru.

The celebration was attended by the Ambassador of Poland to Peru, Ms. Magdalena ŚNIADECKA-KOTARSKA, the Minister Provincial of Krakow, Friar Marian GOŁĄB, the Apostolic Nuncio His Excellency Nicola GIRASOLI, the Ordinary of the Diocese of Chimbote His Excellency Angel Francisco Simon PIORNO, the Mayor of the District of Jesus Maria, Jorge Luis QUINTANA GARCÍA-GODOS, the General Delegate for Missionary Animation Friar Dariusz MAZUREK, the Secretary for the Missions of the Province of Krakow, Friar Dariusz GARCZYŃSKI and the friars of the Delegation of Peru. Also present were many priests, religious and faithful from various parishes of Lima and Chimbote.
The Blessed Martyrs of Pariacoto, although they did not found any university, did not architecturally design any city and did not carry out any archaeological research, as was the case with many eminent Poles who worked in Peru, were inscribed in the history of this country by the preaching of the Gospel of Peace and by their pastoral care. These Franciscan missionaries became part of the history of Peru on August 9, 1991. On that day they were assassinated by the terrorists of “Sendero Luminoso”. On December 5, 2015, their beatification took place and they thus became the first martyrs of the Peruvian Church.
Thanks are due to the Ambassador, as well as to the friars, for the organization of the ceremony, and especially to the Office for the Promotion of the Worship of the Martyrs of Pariacoto (Krakow-Poland) for the realization of the casting of the bronze and its shipment to Peru.

Friar Dariusz MAZUREK, General Delegate for Missionary Animation