The Institute of Franciscan Studies in Krakow has published “The Book of the Order of Chivalry” by Raymond LULL. The work came out as the second volume of the “Franciscan Authors” series.

This is the first Polish translation of the 13th century chivalric code, together with a broad commentary which talks about the culture of those ancient times. The divisions between Christian Europe and the Muslim East form the historical backdrop. The book’s protagonist is an elderly knight who teaches his young squire the meaning of honor, wisdom and truth.
“The Book of the Order of Chivalry” dates back to 1274-1276. The author’s intention was to codify the rules of chivalry so that loyalty combined with common sense, faith, learning and fighting skills might be the key to bring about Christianity’s victory in the Holy Land and its re-conquest.
Raymond LULL (1232-1316) was a Franciscan Tertiary originally from Palma de Mallorca (Spain). He is also known as the Doctor Illuminatus. Raymond LULL was a jurist, a philosopher, a poet, a writer, a creator of proverbs, a logician, a theologian, the author of a manual on navigation, an astrologer, a mathematician and a missionary. He authored more than 250 works. After centuries, however, many of his thoughts and ideas have only recently attracted interest and have become a source of inspiration for new discoveries and solutions in various fields of human activity.
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