Province of Mary Immaculate in Indonesia 
Mother Province: The Italian Province of St. Anthony of Padua (Northern Italy) 

In 1937, Friars Minor Conventual from Holland and Belgium arrived in West Java. The Jesuits entrusted them with a parish church in Bogor, Indonesia. The friars began building up the Christian community, but in 1962, due to various difficulties, the mission was closed. Nevertheless, the presence and ministry of those first friars were rewarded with the entrance of two more friars into the Order, namely, Friars Adeodatus LAIBAHAS and Ignatius Hendra HARSON. Unfortunately, Friar Ignatius suddenly died shortly thereafter. The Minister General, Friar Basil HEISER, would later choose Friar Adeodatus to open a new Conventual Franciscan presence in North-Sumatra.
On April 6, 1968, friars of the former Province of Bologna, in collaboration with friars of the former Province of Sardinia, reopened the mission. At the 1985 Chapter of the Province of Bologna, the Mission was elevated to a Custody, and named after “Mary Immaculate.” The first missionaries were Friars Giuseppe BRENTAZZOLI, Antonio MURRU and Ferdinando SEVERI. At the 2019 General Chapter, the Custody was elevated to a Province.

The Province currently has eighty-eight solemnly professed friars, thirty-six simply professed friars, eight friaries, three filial houses, and one mission.

Delitua: Santo Josef Friary and Church.
This was the first parish community that the Archdiocese of Medan entrusted to the friars upon their return to Indonesia. On December 31, 1968, the St. Joseph Friary was erected. The new parish church was consecrated on April 5, 1970. Today this presence serves as a parish and as the Provincial Curia.

Medan: Santo Fransiskus Assisi Friary and Church (1975)

Bandar Baru: Sang Penebus Friary and Church (1970)
This presence of the friars is involved in various activities, namely: the parish, a boys’ orphanage, the minor seminary, primary and secondary schools, and boys’ and girls’ dormitories.

Jakarta: Santo Lukas Friary and Church (1989)
The friars began their ministry by forming lay base communities so as to foster widespread participation in pastoral activities.

Simalungun Regency: Santo Bonaventura Friary (1986)
This house is the Provincial center for initial formation; it serves as a place to form future friars for the mission.

Tiga Juhar: Santa Katarina dari Siena Friary and Church (1970)
Here, the friars run a boarding school for middle and high school students. In addition, they manage a palm plantation, which produces oil and fruit.

Kefamenanu: Santo Antonius dari Padua Friary and Church (2001)
Here, the friars perform various formational-educational services at the kindergarten, elementary, sixth grade, and high school levels. They also manage the boys’ dormitories for middle and high school students.

Tiga Dolok: Santo Antonius dari Padua Friary and Church (2010)
This presence serves as the seat of the Provincial novitiate.

Lampung: St. Petrus Filial House and Hati Kudus Yesus Quasi-Parish (2014)

Namo Pecawir: Santo Yohanes Paulus II Filial House and Parish (2014)

Tublopo – Timor Indonesia: Santo Josef Filial House and Parish (2021)

Passabe (East Timor): Santo Yohanes Paulus II Mission House and Quasi-Parish (2017)

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