This year, friars from the OFM Conventual Jurisdictions in Africa (the AFCOF area) are once again participating in an ongoing formation course in Italy.

For the last twelve years, the Order has organized this course for young friars who have completed their initial formation. The course is intended for the Order’s newest generations of friars. Its goal is to revive and make known the spirit and history of Franciscanism, which began in the 13th century.
This year’s course started on May 20, 2018, and will last until June 14. There are seven friars taking part: four from the Province of the Franciscan Protomartyrs in Zambia and three from Provincial Custody of St. Francis of Assisi in Kenya.
The animators and assistants are: Friar Francis KANYIRI (who has just completed his doctorate in Rome); Friar Jarosław WYSOCZAŃSKI the Secretary General for Missionary Animation (SGAM); and Friar Tadeusz ŚWIĄTKOWSKI, the Assistant General for the African Federation of Conventual Franciscans (AFCOF).
The course takes place at three locations important to Franciscans and Christians alike: Rome, the cradle of Christianity; Assisi, where Franciscanism was born; and Padua, where it was most notably refined through the work and mission of the ‘Evangelical Doctor’, Saint Anthony. The friars participating in the course learned about the origins of Franciscanism and the challenges that lie ahead for the Order.

Friar Tadeusz ŚWIĄTKOWSKI, Assistant General for the AFCOF