On September 24, 2021, the Graphology Department at the Pontifical Theological Faculty of San Bonaventure (Seraphicum) in Rome began a new academic year. The launch of the new year was attended by Dr. Eleonora GAUDENZI, President of the Italian Graphological Association, professors and numerous students.

Dr. GAUDENZI invited the school to continue on the path it has taken, a path leading towards a harmonious and quality-oriented relationship with the Graphological Association. The Chair of the Graphology Department, Friar Raffaele DI MURO, took her invitation to heart, guaranteeing the highest commitment to the pursuit of scientific method and organization, with respect to the legacy of our brother, Friar Girolamo MORETTI.
Friar Raffaele gave a presentation outlining the three-year Graphology course, the specializations and the teaching faculty. The faculty forms a close-knit team, to which other qualified members have been added. After the presentation, the classes for each year of the Graphology course began. Enthusiasm and optimism were evident in everyone’s attitude. Finally, a lifetime achievement plaque was presented to the renowned Professor Emeritus Franco TORBIDONI.

Friar Raffaele DI MURO