Our Order of Friars Minor Conventual is once again preparing to give honor and praise to the Most High and Almighty God, because one of his friars will soon be added to the long line of blessed martyrs who have understood how to make their life and death into fertile seed and a living Gospel for all who seek salvation.

Dear friars, in raising our brother Carlos to the honors of the altar, the Good Lord offers us a fresh opportunity to ponder our identity as Friars Minor Conventual, to reflect upon how seriously we live out our calling, in the times and places where obedience has destined us, and above all, to consider how we may incarnate the Good News in our lives, in our fraternities and in the midst of the people of God with whom we live.
In fact, on April 27, 2019, our confrere, Carlos de Dios MURIAS, martyr and religious priest, will be beatified in the city of La Rioja in Argentina, along with three other Venerable witnesses of Christ, the Most Reverend Enrico Angelo ANGELELLI CARLETTI, Bishop of La Rioja, Father Gabriel LONGUEVILLE, a French fidei donum diocesan priest and Wenceslao PEDERNERA, a layman and family man. It is worth mentioning that these four Blesseds, having been closely united in life and death, shall now be united forever as intercessors to God for us all, particularly, for the friars of the Rioplatense Province and all the Argentine people…

The Text of the Letter of the Minister General

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