On Saturday afternoon, September 26, 2020, Friar Paride AMMIRATI professed his solemn vows into the hands of the Minister Provincial of the Province of St. Bernardine and St. Angelo in Italy (Abruzzo), Friar Mauro DE PHILIPPIS. The event took place at the Church of Sant’Antonio di Padova in Pescara, Italy, the site of the Provincial Curia.

Twenty-six friar-priests from Abruzzo, Rome, the Marches and Assisi participated in the Mass which was attended by several simply professed friars, many family members and friends of Friar Paride, and members of the local Secular Franciscan fraternity, which provided music for the liturgy. After the celebration, refreshments were served in the friary courtyard, but heavy rain forced everyone to take shelter under a large awning.
Friar Paride was born on April 10, 1989. He made his simple profession on August 26, 2017. He is a member of the community in Pescara and will continue his philosophy studies at the University of Chieti while working in the Provincial Secretariat.
The Province of Abruzzo currently has forty solemnly professed friars. In addition, it has two simply professed friars and a postulant. The last solemn vow ceremony hosted by the Province took place in 2014, when Friars Alfonso DI FRANCESCO and Santino VERNA professed their solemn vows at the Basilica-Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in Atri, Italy.

Friar Maurizio DI PAOLO