The English-language course for new missionaries began on 3 September 2018 in Brussels.

The “Our Lady of the Nations” Fraternity has welcomed eight new brothers (OFM, OFMCap and OFMConv) who are preparing for their missionary assignments in India (Assam); Sri Lanka; Australia; Malawi; Ghana; Turkey; and Papua, New Guinea. The course began in the presence of the Secretary General for Missionary Animation, Friar Jarosław WYSOCZAŃSKI, OFMConv.
The course was led by Friar Gianfrancesco SISTO, OFM, and was assisted by Friar John Peter VALLABADOSS, OFMCap, and Friar Alphonse VAZHAPPANADY, OFMConv.
The discussions were planned by various experts on different topics including: the History of the Franciscan Missionary Method; Ecumenical Dialogue and Mission; the Encounter with Islam in the Franciscan way; Franciscan Missiology; Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation; the New Evangelization in Europe; the Mission in Asia; the Cultures and Religions in Africa; the Fraternal Economy in Mission; and the Role of the Leader.
At the end of the course a week is planned for a pilgrimage to Assisi and to Franciscan sites so as to inspire the missionary spirit and ardor of the Poor St. Francis. Friar Vincenzo MARCOLI once again spoke on Franciscan Missionary Theology.
The participants of our Order are: Friar Leonides MATEO, Bro. Vincent Timothy NAVARRO (Philippines), and Bro. Vincent BANDA (Zambia).

Friar Jarosław WYSOCZAŃSKI Secretary General of the SGAM