The latest issue of the newsletter of the Order, containing news and documents for October–December, 2020, is now available.

We invite all the confreres to read the newsletter, in particular the section concerning the Minister General (pp. 4-18) and the letter from the Franciscan Ministers General for the 800th anniversary of the Earlier Rule (pp. 9-13).
The pages of the General Secretariat follow (pp. 19-23) where we highlight the Guidelines for the Use of New Media (p. 23).
In the General Offices section (pp. 24-52), we feature pages about our new brother cardinal, Friar Mauro Cardinal Gambetti (pp. 32; 35-38).
The newsletter continues with pages concerning the Federations, namely, AFCOF (pp. 54-58) where you will find news on the diaconal ordination in Kenya (p. 57) and the priestly ordination in Zambia (p. 58); CEF (pp. 59-62) with news on the “Meal for a Meal” initiative in Croatia (pp. 61-62); CFF (pp. 63-64) with news on the “Franciscan Voice” (p. 64); FALC (pp. 65-84) with news on the priestly ordinations in Paraguay (p. 66-67), Bolivia (p. 81) and Venezuela (p. 82); FAMC (pp. 85-86) covering events in the Philippines; FEMO (pp. 87-95) with news on the Episcopal Ordination of Friar Nicolai DUBININ (p. 88); and FIMP (pp. 96-112) with news on the priestly ordination in Italy (p. 98), and the diaconal ordinations in Italy (p. 111) and France (p. 112).
Finally, you can read the pages on the Chapters celebrated in Croatia (pp. 113-114), the Ukraine (114-116), Zambia (p. 117), South Korea (pp. 118-119) and Japan (pp. 119-120).

From the editorial staff

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