On February 24, 2022, an online meeting took place for the friars in charge of formation in the African Federation of Conventual Franciscans (AFCOF). The meeting was organized by the General Secretariat for Formation (SGF).

The meeting was led by Friar Joseph KACHELEWA, a member of the SGF and the head of relations with AFCOF formators. The meeting featured a concise discussion on the document Franciscan Discipleship and a group reflection on the formation process it lays out. Friar Piotr STANISŁAWCZYK began the meeting by welcoming the participants. Friar Maximilianus Kalef SEMBIRING presented the history of Franciscan Discipleship and its current formation process. He was joined online by Friar Kazimierz CIEŚLIK, another member of the SGF.
A total of twenty-one friars of the AFCOF Federation attended the meeting, including Friar Blasio Ooko OLENGE, AFCOF Secretary for Formation and member of our Order’s International Formation, along with other friars who serve as formation directors in the various Jurisdictions of the AFCOF Federation. The friars were given time to discuss their observations and reflections.
We thank the attending friars for their participation and contribution, which is helpful in keeping the content of Conventual Franciscan formation up to date.

Friar Piotr STANISŁAWCZYK, General Delegate for Formation