From Saturday evening, March 12 through all of Sunday, March 13, 2022, a Franciscan Missionary Day was celebrated in Treviso, Italy.

The Mission Day began with a well-attended Mass on Saturday evening at the church next to the San Francesco d’Assisi Friary in Treviso. The friars conduct various forms of pastoral ministry at this location. The purpose of the Mission Day was to pray for peace in Ukraine and to assist our friars in the Custody of the Holy Cross, and the people of Ukraine. In addition to needing our prayers, they need medicine, food and the opportunity to reach safe places.
Friar Dariusz MAZUREK preached during the Mass on Saturday and at the four Masses on Sunday. One of the things he spoke about in his homily was what our friars are facing in Ukraine. They do not find themselves on the Mount of the Transfiguration, nor can they say: “How beautiful it is to be here”. They have, however, decided to stay with their people on Calvary, contemplating the face of Christ in the many faces of the wounded, the suffering and the migrants.
On Sunday afternoon, there was a meeting to pray for peace and reflect on the current situation of the conflict. Friar Dariusz gave a presentation on the history of the presence of our Order in Ukraine up to the present day. Finally, he answered several questions from the faithful of Treviso.
The event was organized by the Franciscan Mission Center of the Italian Province of St. Anthony of Padua (Northern Italy), our friary in Treviso and the General Secretariat for Mission Animation (SGAM). Thanks and best wishes to all the benefactors for their generosity.

Friar Dariusz MAZUREK, General Delegate for Mission Animation