On June 4-18, 2018, the Assistant General for the Federación Conventuales America Latina (FALC) made a canonical visitation to the Provincial Custody of Our Lady of Coromoto in Venezuela.

The Venezuelan Jurisdiction belongs to the Province of St. Nicholas and St. Angelo in Italy (Puglia). It currently has five communities and thirty-one solemnly professed friars. In addition, it has twelve temporarily professed student friars; three novices at the Caçapava international novitiate in São Paulo, Brazil; and fifteen postulants. Some friars of the Custody are serving in the communities of the Mother Province, or of the Order, and some of the temporarily professed are studying at the Seraphicum International College in Rome, Italy.
In the Custody, all of the friars participate in the mission, which involves various ministries: parish pastoral care, solidarity efforts, social work, education, spiritual direction and formation.
The bishops (local ordinaries) of the dioceses where the Order is present in Venezuela are grateful for the pastoral service offered by the friars, as well as for their charismatic contribution. The people are also especially thankful for the friars’ testimony of fraternity and simplicity of religious life. Not only are the Custody’s churches and friaries open, but they are spaces where friends and faithful receive, in the best possible way, human and Gospel values and where the theological virtues: faith, hope and charity, are proclaimed.
Next September, three of the temporarily professed will, with God’s grace, profess their solemn vows.

Friar Carlos TROVARELLI, Assistant General for the FALC
(Federación América Latina Conventuales)