On September 24-29, 2021, sixteen young friars (priests, deacons and solemnly professed) from the Seraphicum International College in Rome, went on a spiritual retreat to the House of Spirituality of the Antonian Shrines in Camposampiero (Padua), Italy. The friars were guided by the Rector and Guardian of the Seraphicum, Friar Adam MĄCZKA, and the Vice-Rector, Friar Michael EARALY.

One reason for this excursion was to celebrate the 800th anniversary of St. Anthony’s entrance into the Franciscan Order (www.antonio2022.org). Friar Nicola ZUIN, the Director of the House of Spirituality, accompanied the friars during their journey. Besides the meditations during the retreat, which helped the friars understand the spiritual experience of “Fernando-Antonio,” the friars also took the opportunity to “stay” at the Shrine of the Vision, which contains the “Cell of the Vision,” the place where the Baby Jesus appeared to St. Anthony. They also visited the Shrine of the Walnut Tree, which is located right on the spot where a walnut tree once stood where Anthony had built a small hermitage during the last days of his earthly life.
To crown the week there was a pilgrimage to the Basilica of St. Anthony in Padua for Mass, a visit inside the Basilica, with prayer at the tomb of the Evangelical Doctor, and finally a fraternal meal shared with the resident friars of the Basilica.
Let us praise God and his servants Francis and Anthony.

Friar Nicola ZUIN