From February 28 to March 29, 2019, the Province of St. Paul the Apostle in Malta underwent a general canonical visitation, which was carried out in two stages. The visitation was in preparation for the Province’s upcoming Ordinary Provincial Chapter, which will probably take place next September.

Friar Joaquín Ángel AGESTA CUEVAS, the Assistant General for the Federazione Inter-mediterranea Ministri Provinciali (FIMP), conducted the visitation on behalf of the Minister General. Friar Wojciech KULIG, the General Exactor, was also present and conducted an economic visitation.
There are currently 42 friars in the Province. Of these, 36 live in the Province, 2 live in Italy (Rivotorto and the Vatican Penitentiary), 2 in London, on a special mission, and 2 temporary professed friars, also live in Italy (Rome and Padua). Finally, the Province has a young man in its postulancy program. The Province has 7 fraternities: one has been temporarily suppressed, three are attached to parishes and the others are engaged in the care of shrines. The Province has a publishing center with considerable prestige. Some of the friars in the Province have important commitments at the archiepiscopal curia in the capital city Valletta, and in the pastoral structure of the local Church.
The four-year term that is about to end has taken on a novel challenge: two friars have begun caring for sick Maltese patients living in London. This ministry was requested by the Maltese Republic and is deeply appreciated by the families being assisted, by the Maltese government, and by the Archbishop of Valletta.
In the coming months, the Province will be preparing for its Chapter; we offer the friars our fraternal solidarity and our prayer.

Friar Joaquín Ángel AGESTA CUEVAS