On March 22, 2019, two days before Missionary Martyrs Day, the Radio Niepokalanów production staff recorded some radio interviews about missionary work with members of the Friars Minor Conventual and some lay people.

The recordings will be used to create radio programs for broadcast next October, the Extraordinary Missionary Month. The Missionary Month slogan is, “Baptized and Sent: The Church of Christ on a Mission in the World”.
The General Secretary for Mission Animation (SGAM), Friar Jarosław WYSOCZAŃSKI, came from Rome to give testimony about his missionary work with the Blessed Martyrs of Peru: Friars Michał TOMASZEK and Zbigniew STRZAŁKOWSKI. He also spoke about the characteristics of the missions conducted by the Conventuals around the world.
Two Provincial missionary secretaries were also recorded: Friar Robert KOZIELSKI from the Province of St. Maximilian M. Kolbe in Poland (Gdańsk) and Friar Eugeniusz RÓŻAŃSKI from the Province of the Immaculate Mother of God in Poland (Warsaw).
Other recordings included some important and interesting testimony from laypersons who do missionary work. Barbara and Aleksander SZANIECCY shared their rich missionary experience in Africa, where they worked in Kenya and Tanzania. Helena KOWALSKA talked about her volunteer work in Kenya, where she helped our missionaries. Grzegorz ROMANIK, who is an optician, shared his missionary experience associated with conducting the “Eyeglasses for Kenya” humanitarian campaign.
We learned more about the realities and difficulties of doing missionary work in China, thanks to testimony from Liliana JAWORSKA, who spent three and a half years there. Agnieszka KOZŁOWSKA from the Missionary Secretariat of Cracow also took part in the recording session and spoke about the missions of the Province of St. Anthony and Bl. James of Strepar in Poland (Cracow), her experience of working in the mission, and her stay in Peru on the occasion of the beatification of the Martyrs of Pariacoto.
The recording sessions at Radio Niepokalanów’s provided an opportunity to prepare for the Extraordinary Missionary Month, and meet people associated with the missions. We hope that this effort will be translated into new missionary zeal and more initiatives carried out for mission and evangelization.